Oink Henderson and the Squealers

2014 - Band

Band Members:  Kevin Shepherd, Pat Mullane, Joe Sharpnack

As the curtain rises, the master of ceremonies announces “...you’ve seen them at the trough, now see them on the stage...ladies and gentlemen, from Iowa, its Oink Henderson and the Squealers!” At that precise moment, a rousing rendition of something you’ve heard before roars to life. This is the opening barrage of what these three little hams immodestly proclaim as their “Action-packed Entertainment Extravaganza.”

Formed from an amalgamation of eclectic musical influences, Kevy, Patty, and Joey have found themselves to be the quintessential Iowa entertainment representatives since 1985. In a land of corn and hog farms, the boys felt early on that it would be disingenuous to don cowboy hats and plunk around on banjos or to portray themselves as big city thrash metal gods. With this in mind, they decided to stick to their roots and play to their strengths. As one member of this show-stopping juggernaut put it, “Well, we live in Iowa. We should be an Iowa band. There are a lot of pigs here. Let’s work with that.” Oink Henderson and the Squealers were born!

Entertainment such as theirs is found in very few other variety acts. Pig tossing, a shiny red guitar, the soft shoe routine, and the conga line are just a few of the crowd pleasers. The Squealers can perform “La Bamba” in three languages and have played the original with Ritchie Valen’s sister, Connie.

Iowa City “GO” Magazine says, “The Squealers have the magical gift of making parties happen...Oink’s specialty is to lure you onto the dance floor with cool oldies...”

The Iowa City Press Citizen says, “This pig headed trio explodes any perceived barriers between band and crowd by playing on the dance floor, doling out plastic leis, pelting revelers with rubber pigs and exclusively playing songs everyone knows the words to.”

The trio consists of Kevin “Kevy” Shepherd on lead guitar and vocals, Pat “Patty” Mullane on bass guitar and vocals, and Joe “Joey” Sharpnack on the drums and vocals. This entertaining group is sure to bring you to your feet and have you joining their “Group Drink” which is a tradition and staple of the band’s dedication to their audience.

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