We many partnership opportunites to become part of the IRRMA family in extending the legacy of rock 'n roll. Within our four divisions, there are many ways to help us sustain the legacy of popular music in Iowa. We welcome your involvement, as a corporation, business or interested party in any of our areas of service to the Iowa community.

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The Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Music Association partners with the following companies and groups to put on concerts, maintain our educational programs and other events. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with the IRRMA.

  • Lakes News Shopper
  • KICD Radio
  • KUOO Radio
  • KKOJ/KRAQ Radio
  • Farmers Savings Bank
  • Northwest Bank
  • Nolin Milling
  • Arnolds Park Museum
  • Keith Merrick Company, Inc.
  • Remington’s Restaurant
  • VGM Forbin
  • West Music Co., Inc.
  • Arnold Park Amuseum Park, Inc.