Ralph Goldheim

2018 - Individual Artist

Ralph Goldheim grew up in Sioux City, Iowa and graduated from good ole Central High School. His Mother started his musical journey with piano lessons at the age of eight. Ralph quickly graduated to his first Farfisa combo organ at age 12. He practiced in his bedroom with headphones for two years before he purchased his first amplifier with bar mitzvah money. After rehearsing with classmates in basements and a doing a gig with Sound Express, Ralph felt it was time to join a real group. The group Evolution of Sound was looking for a keyboard player and already had some gigs lined up. Based out of McCook Lake and managed by Neal Rollison, Evolution of Sound consisted of John Young (vocals), Chuck Pope (guitar), Danny Weigal (bass), and Neil Rollison Jr. (guitar). They played regularly on weekends and even won a Sioux City battle of the band's competition. Ralph was with Evolution of Sound from 1966-1970.


Ralph joined Big Toe Jam Band with Stanley Lipman and Scott Issaccson for six months after leaving Evolution of Sound. Then came a couple of year stint with BitterSweet playing all over Siouxland and Sioux Falls. After short appearances with Slotty McCook and Natural Color, Ralph joined the Rumbles with Bob Ford, Scotty Hastings, and Joe Brunsworth in 1972. Morrey Drea had purchased the name of the band and all assets and was reforming the group when he auditioned Ralph for the position. After accepting the offer, Ralph moved to Omaha. The Rumbles were well known and enjoyed playing all over Iowa. As top 40 bands were replaced by disco music, the crowds waned, and the band closed up shop.


In 1974, Joe Hupp (Smoke Ring’s owner) got together with Mike McKern and put together Smoke Ring out of the ashes of the Rumbles. Ralph joined Smoke Ring along with Scotty Hastings, Mike McKern, Mike Smith, and Joe Lalich. Smoke Ring featured two drummers and frequently played in Iowa and Nebraska. After Smoke Ring, Ralph decided to go back to school. It was while at the University of Nebraska, Omaha that Ralph met Wayne and Stan Fritz, Jamie Murray, and Rick Winquest from Kick’in. Playing on weekends and doing cover songs, Kink’in had some gigs and even a couple tours in Canada. Ralph, however, wanted to play 100% of the time, so he auditioned for April Monday with John Troia, Barry Clark, Dave Aems, and John Fisher in 1975. April Monday played 26 weeks a year at 8 Limited club. Ralph enjoyed his three years with April Monday.


In 1977, Ralph was asked out to Denver to audition for Timberline. He accepted the offer and moved out there. Timberline played several gigs and backed up some big acts. They even turned down being Dolly Parton’s backup band. Despite new originals, the band did not get label interest and eventually fizzled out. Later in 1977, Ralph was asked to audition for Glen Hughes from Deep Purple in LA. He started rehearsals with Glen Hughes, Tim Gerht, and Brett Tuggle in L.A. and met Jeff Glixman (music producer for Kansas and Satellites). When Glen left, Ralph went back to work at ProSound for a bit. After that, Ralph joined The Fliers, a country band, for a few months and recorded at Boulder’s Caribou Ranch with producer Marty Cohn (Doobie Brothers).


Ralph wanted to rock more, so he left and auditioned for StarCastle in Champagne, Illinois who was looking for a keyboard player who could sing. They liked Ralph’s original music, so he moved to Illinois. The band went for a new record deal with Jeff Glixman producer. There was good interest, but the timing was terrible for bands leaving record labels and resulted in no agreement. After many showcases with no result, Ralph left for Atlanta where he had a family. Members from StarCastle joined him in Atlanta and a four-piece group, The Pack, was formed and played a few gigs. In 1979, Ralph was introduced to Leon Silverberg (producer at Epic Records) and worked on a solo deal as Ralph Truepenny. He also worked at Rhythm City Music in Atlanta while pursuing a solo deal and played with the Micheal Moody Band until Oberheim offered him a job in L.A.


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