Salt River

2013 - Band

Band Members:  Mike Condon, Paul Wilson, Rick Condon, Steve Way, Jarry Wright, Tom Tucker, 
Charlie Koukol

By the late sixties, Tom Tucker was already a major force in the Iowa music community. He was a national recording artist, a successful booking agent and the lead singer of one of Iowa's most popular bands, Tommy T and the Federal Reserve. But as he approached the end of his performing career, he decided to build a regional super group featuring players he had long admired in his own and other bands.

From the Federal Reserve came Jarry Wright (lead guitar) and Rick Condon (keyboards and vocals). From Sir Richard and the Squires came Steve Way (drums). From Emergency Broadcasting System came Paul Wilson (lead guitar). A popular folk artist, Mike Condon (bass and vocals), rounded out the original group. Later, Salt River became one of the first bands to feature two drummers, when Charlie Konkol (Echoes V plus Brass) was added to help drive the band's power rock repertoire.

From 1969 through 1973, Salt River was a mainstay on the Iowa rock circuit. The band opened for Chase, Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, White Lightning, Five Man Electrical Band and others. It was a regular performer at festivals, events, radio concerts and Iowa's seminal rock bars, the legendary 505 Club and So’s Your Mother – not to mention high school gymnasiums across the Midwest.

In 1970 and 1971, working with Chess sub label Cadet Records, Salt River recorded at Chicago's historic TerMar Studios – ultimately releasing its first single, "Messenger" (Cantaloupe #66) and receiving significant local radio airplay.

While 40 years have passed since the band's heyday, Salt River members have continued to impact the Iowa (and worldwide) music scene.

Tom Tucker went on to found Triad Productions in Des Moines and ultimately became General Manager of Prince's studio, Paisley Park, where he mixed and engineered recordings for Prince, Ben Sidran, Joan Baez, John Lee Hooker and many others before his death in 2012.

Rick Condon became chief engineer at Triad Productions before opening his own studio in 2001. Rick continues to write and produce music for advertising and film. He also has engineered literally hundreds of albums and cds, ranging in style from symphonic to rock, jazz, hip hop and bluegrass. He has producer credits on dozens of projects, including the Simon Estes CD "On Broadway."

Paul Wilson founded Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe in Urbandale and has dedicated his career to teaching classical guitar. His students include Grammy and MTV award winners, as well as two who have earned a PhD in guitar.

Mike Condon continues to write and produce music for advertising and film. He is also a respected studio guitarist, who has worked with Jan Park Band (CBS Records), Carrie McDowell, Bill Fries, Bob Cook, Jackson Berkey, Dean Carr and others.

Steve Way became the head percussion instructor for the Des Moines Public School System and, for many years, was the on-call studio drummer for Triad Studios in Des Moines and Sound Recorders in Omaha. He continues to play with multiple bands in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, as well as The Trop Rock Junkies, a touring group that plays festivals and concerts throughout the United States.

Charlie Konkol continued playing with area bands featuring John Tancredi, Rob Forrest and Tony Valdez, before moving to Los Angeles and working with recording studio and film mixing facility designer Jeff Cooper. He secured his architectural license in 1985 and opened a practice in St. Louis, where he continued playing with blues, classic rock and country bands.

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