Sandy Shore

2001 - Disc Jockey

Sandy Shore was born in Cedar Rapids in 1939. He graduated from McKinley High School in 1957 and his first job was at KPIG radio in Cedar Rapids. He worked 11 PM to 7 AM six nights a week for $67.50. He stayed there for two years. In 1959 he was offered a job at KCRG radio to play a new thing called "rock and roll".

While working at KCRG he was invited to Philadelphia to fill in for Dick Clark on "American Bandstand", which he considers one of the highlights of his career.

In 1964 He became a KIOA Goodguy in Des Moines. After 3 years there he went on to WKYC in Cleveland. After 6 months he moved on to CKLW in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Cklw was heard in 27 states and 4 provinces. RKO owned the station and eventually was transferred to KFRC in San Francisco, Then to the RKO flagship station KHF in Los Angeles where he worked until 1977.

Since then he has been successful in the voice over business, working for CBS-TV, The Disney Company, Lincoln Mercury, and Universal Studios. He has hosted a weekly countdown show and subbed for Casey Kasem on his internationally syndicated show.

Shore Says, "I started in Iowa and I am flattered and honored to return there this year for this special occasion. " "As Wayne and Garth so eloquently put it...I am not worthy...but thank you."

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