A New Era

Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association officially has a new President. At their meeting on Sunday, the Board of Directors of the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association voted to make John Senn, Founder of the Association, the CEO and Ralph Kluseman, the new President. “It’s an exciting time,” said John Senn. “We are working with Arnolds Park to build a new space over the next couple years and I am looking forward to leading that campaign. As CEO, I will be over the entire organization which will allow me to assure our steps moving forward not only serve the community, but allow us to be successful in our new space.”

Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association was founded in 1997 by John Senn to preserve the legacy of rock ‘n roll music in Iowa. There have been other Presidents over the years, but John has definitely served the longest. “It’s an honor to be named President of the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association,” commented Ralph Kluseman Sunday night, “Especially in succession of John Senn. He’s a legend.”

Embarking on a capital campaign is no easy undertaking, but the Board of Directors is up to the challenge and feels the community’s support. “How the community stands beside the Association is amazing to experience,” states Cindy Stanbro, Executive Director of the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association. “We will be announcing more about this campaign in a couple months, but today we want to focus on welcoming Ralph to the Presidency. His passion and drive inspires all of us. I look forward to working alongside Ralph to help take Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association to this next phase and really set up the Association to be successful for decades to come.”

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