Iowa Rock 'n Roll to Kick Off Capital Campaign

December 12, 2017


As Arnolds Park Amusement Park embarked on restoring the beloved 128-year-old amusement park in a multi-year phase plan, their Board of Directors asked Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association to be a part of the renovations. “They asked if we would be open to moving to a new space within the borders of the park. They will provide the box and we are responsible for filling it,” said John Senn, Founder and Board CEO of Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association.


For the past 15 years, the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Museum has been housed within the Roof Garden Ballroom, providing a foundation for retaining the legacy of rock ‘n roll music in Iowa. But the space became too small and for several years Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association labored to find a solution. The Park’s offer to build four new walls for the Association next to the Maritime Museum answered the Association’s need for more room, but required the Board of Directors to embark on a $1.5 million-dollar capital campaign of their own.


Mark Catton architectural firm worked with the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association to create renderings of a first-class music museum that honored those who made significant contributions to rock ‘n roll music in Iowa, educated visitors about the history of music in Iowa, inspired future artists, and offered a platform for up and coming musicians to gain exposure and experience.


The new space will be almost three times the size of the current space and will include a recording studio, instrument play area, indoor and outdoor stages, inspiration stations, Iowa band features, Hall of Fame wall, interactive exhibits for youth, a listening station, a radio booth, and much more!


Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association is kicking off their capital campaign with an awareness event Thursday, December 14th from 5-7pm at the Pearson Lakes Art Center and everyone is invited. “Jingle & Mingle will allow the community to see what we’re up to in terms of programming for 2018, see some of the renderings of the new space, celebrate our successes in 2017, and just enjoy a few minutes together during the busy Christmas season,” says Executive Director Cindy Stanbro.


To be a part of the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association’s capital campaign and secure the legacy of music in Iowa, contact Cindy Stanbro at 515-556-4297 or stop by the Pearson Lakes Art Center Thursday evening if you’re in the Okoboji area. The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve the legacy of rock ‘n roll music in Iowa by honoring achievements, educating youth, and inspiring artists. For more information, go to 


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Honoring achievements, educating youth, and inspiring artists.

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