Spectrum 70

2014 - Band

Band Members:  Clark Marshall, Dale "Pud" Jones, Doug Foss, Brad Anderson, Bob Pettit,
Dave Chapman

The original members of Spectrum 70 were Clark Marshall (guitar), Dale “Pud” Jones (drums), Doug Foss (horns and keyboards), Brad Anderson (bass guitar) and Bob Pettit (vocals). Dave Chapman (bass guitar) replaced Brad Anderson after two years when the two musicians switched places working with Tom Brown and Jerry Wolford in The Gas Company.

Beginning in 1970 when they legally formed and incorporated their music organization Spencer Spectrum 70 Limited, and until the ground disbanded in 1977, Spectrum 70 was a regional band that performed frequently throughout northwest Iowa. The group often traveled from venues in the Iowa Great Lakes region to Sioux Falls, Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Iowa City, and for more than five years they were considered to be the unofficial house band at Vern & Coila’s Supper Club at Lake Okoboji.

Spectrum 70 averaged 115 dates per year while they were together, and members also had full time jobs and families during that time. Their music was considered to be a mixture of early rock ‘n roll, country, big band and show tunes with added bits of humor between songs. They had an extensive wardrobe of matching clothes, traveled in a customized van and were often upgrading equipment to keep their performances, set lists and musical arrangement fresh.

Clark Marshall started playing guitar in high school and continued during his college years before returning to Spencer in 1965. Dale Jones was an expert drummer and enhanced the variety of music incorporated into Spectrum 70s performances. Bob Pettit was known as a “singer’s singer” and had the ability to sing lead and harmony parts on any type of music. With his good taste in style, Pettit was also the band’s wardrobe manager. Doug Foss was a multi-talented musician who played nine different instruments during his career with the band. His unique sense of humor lent itself to the comediac aspects of performing and he had an amazing ability to improvise onstage, keeping the band and audience entertained. Brad Anderson added an electric taste to Spectrum 70s spectrum of music. Anderson became known as “The Captain,” but nobody can remember exactly why. Dave Chapman showed up one night and announced that he and Anderson were changing bands. Chapman quickly fit in with his musical skills and vocal abilities.

Dale Jones retired from the music business in the late 1970s, Doug Foss died in 2004, and Bob Pettit passed away in 2013. The remaining members still play music on occasion and perform several times each year to help raise money for charitable organizations.

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