Steve Streit

2014 - Individual Artist

Steve Streit started his 47 year music career at age 15. Steve’s love of music came from listening to the talents of his mother’s family. He remembered his grandfather playing the bass fiddle, violin and banjo, one uncle playing the drums and violin, another uncle playing the trumpet, and his aunt playing the organ. His parents were the driving force behind him to start playing  his Les Paul and steel guitar, while singing country music. They were vent his first booking agents. When he first started out, his parents would drive him to his gigs until he got his driver's license and first care.

The first band Steve played with was “The Blue Buckaroos” in 1967. He played with them for five years in Rock Valley, iowa. He then played with the “Squired International” in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a year.

In 1973, Steve started his own band called the “Blue Water Duo” playing with Dave Bremer. Later on they added a drummer, Donnie Miller then Greg Houdini, changing the band’s name to the “Blue Water Trio.” They were a house band at the Villa Inn in Worthington, MN for three years.

In 1976, Steve teamed up with Dale Vandaalen and hit the road as, the “Two for the Road” band. Working with the ACA booking agency, they traveled all over the United States for seven years.

In 1983, Steve decided it was time to come back to the Lakes Region and leave the road behind. For the next three years Steve played locally as a single act and with the “Mike Hanson Show” in Minnesota.

In 1986, Steve and Bob York started the band called, ‘The Cavaliers.” They played in Iowa and Minnesota up until Steve Moved to Arizona in 1988. Returning from Arizona in 1989, Steve and Bob York teamed up again, along with Dean Aakhus to form the “Daybreak Band.” Once again they were booking jobs in Iowa and Minnesota. After the passing of Bob York, others joined the band as the third player. They included Christopher John, Shane Van holdt, Bill Raushauser, and finally Bob Krause. When Dean retired in 2006, Steve and Bob continued the “Daybreak Band” and the musician sounds of country, 50s and 60s to this day in 2014.

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