Surf Zombies

2017 - Spirit Award

Iowa’s Surf Zombies are gearing up for another fun year of rock. The 4 man band has enjoyed a slow steady rise in popularity in the Midwest over the past eleven years since their first gig opening for Dick Dale at Gabes’ in Iowa City. They play at car shows, clubs, festivals and theaters and do small tours of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas.


The current lineup is founding member Brook Hoover who plays a Fender Jaguar through a Deluxe Reverb and has managed the band from the start. Guitarist Ian Williams plays a Jazzmaster also into a Deluxe Reverb and is an excellent guitar repair tech and recording engineer and has mixed the 3rd album Lust for Rust before he was a member and tracked and mixed the last two albums (5th album is in mixing stage). Trevor Treiber plays bass and is an amazing writer and performer. His primary instrument are guitar and vocals but he is a dedicated Surf Zombie. Brand new on drums is Luke Ferguson who is from the Iowa City are and toured the country with Lipstick Homicide.


The band has achieved many of its goals and just plugs on to the next thing. Placements on a slew of cable TV shows has been nice effect of the wicked jams produced by the band. An excellent brewery in Cedar Rapids called Iowa Brewing Company just produced a Double IPA called Surf Zombie Double IPA and released it in the fall of 2016 and it has proved to be a surprise hit. Surf Zombies have no fancy plans other than to keep recording and touring. There seems to be no end to the inspiration to create new music from these guys.

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