The Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Music Association works hard to offer a wonderful and informative experience to all of our visitors. Read below for kind words we have received from visitors, IRRMA members and Hall of Fame inductees.

  • We enjoy associating ourselves with people that appreciate rock n roll music the way we do.
  • Lee & Pat Bailey - Lifetime Members
  • Iowa Rocks! This new website is popping and fresh. It contains so much information for the newcomer or the veteran rocker. I love it!  
  • John JR Robinson
  • IRRMA brought me back in touch with former bandmates and musicians that I hadn't seen for more than 40 years.
  • Jeff Payant - 2006 IRRMA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Bill and I became members of IRRMA so we could continue to enjoy all the Rock the Roof events at the Arnolds Park Roof Garden on Thursday nights during the summer.  We love to dance and listen to the music.
  • Bill & Cathy Abbott
  • The FUN of rock 'n roll! IRRMA has given us opportunities to hear and enjoy, not only the current artists, but bands of the past at induction concerts and other events. No other organization in Iowa promotes good old Rock 'n Roll like IRRMA. They provided venues for the bands to perform and promote the events. What more could we ask? I was very happy to take out Gold Record membership for my wife and I. We have immense enjoyment as a result of our membership. Thanks, IRRMA.
  • Clay Conard - Stratford IA
  • Mainly the 60s, but the 50s and the 70s surrounded the 60s, the music was very much a part of most lives including mine.  The songs remind you of the place, and time, and the place reminds you of the song.  Oki was part of my entertainment, the names help bring back memories, and you guys are the fantastic historians of all this - thank you.
  • Jon
  • I came on the IRRMA scene in 2006, and have gotten to see many bands and meet musicians that I was not able to in my teen years.  The wonderful history that is retained by the IRRMA Museum is priceless.  One of the most meaningful things in my life was to become a volunteer and lifetime member of IRRMA.  We are all like one big happy family sharing a common joy.
  • Barbara Lancaster