The Bushmen

2018 - Band

Members: Roger Dunlop, David Williamson, David Baller and Bruce (Smith) Banister


In March of 1964, two Jefferson, Iowa high school sophomores met each other in the town square. One was a Jefferson local, Roger Dunlop, and the other was a new kid in town, David Williamson. It was there they discovered their mutual hobby of playing the guitar. They learned new songs together and by early summer started looking for a drummer. David Baller was a high school freshman, and his natural skills at percussion were evident to both Roger D. and David W. when he threw on a vinyl recording of the Safari's Wipe Out and never missed a beat. 


The trio initially formed as The Impacts but soon learned of another band with that name, and became The Bushmen in August of 1964. At the same time, the trio decided to add a bass guitarist. A twelve-year-old musical prodigy, Bruce (Smith) Banister, approached the trio with a borrowed bass and amp. After one tune, they knew Bruce was going to be a part of The Bushmen.


Two and a half years later, the band had performed over 200 times in a variety of venues including The Iowa State Fair, Iowa State University, KRNT Channel 8 TV, various dance halls including The Starline and The Plamor, and tons of Elks Clubs and numerous city/county/school festivals. After their last gig at The Greene County Roller Rink on July 30, 1966, the members of The Bushmen knew the music, the venues, the fans, and the business skills they had experienced had changed their lives for good.


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