The Fabulous Uniques

2004 - Band

Members: Tim Cox, Kirk Hundertmark, Elden Landolt, Dennis Naughton, George Arnold, Rick Wind, and Harold Powell


The idea for starting the Fabulous Uniques was conceived by Elden Landolt one evening during the summer of 1962 at the Pocahontas drive-in theater. Over the next five years the band entertained rock and roll fans throughout Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska. They performed at most ballrooms, several fairs, including the Iowa State Fair, as well as playing many high school proms and homecoming dances.

The original band bought the costumes and bass guitar from The Suades of Fort Dodge and began a musical career as the house band at Guys and Dolls Dance Hall in Gilmore City.

The Uniques appeared regularly at the Cobblestone Ballroom in Storm Lake, the Roof Garden at Arnolds Park, The Star in Dakota City, Guys and Dolls in Gilmore City and the Laramar at Fort Dodge.

In 1963 the band opened for the Everly Brothers at the Laramar Ballroom and again in 1964 at the Starline Ballroom in Carroll. The same year, they backed the Rip Chords at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake.

In 1964 the National Ballroom Operators Association recognized the Fabulous Uniques for their “outstanding contribution in the ballroom industry for having a band of neat appearance, providing a wholesome form of entertainment and top quality of danceable music.” That year the band also recorded “Baby Don’t Cry” and “Little Angel” on the Bangar record label.

Initial members of the Uniques were Elden Landolt and Tim Cox from Gilmore City on guitars and vocals, Denny Naughton (bass and vocals) and Rick Box (drums) from Pocahontas. Within a year Rick Wind from Humboldt took over drums from Box and George Arnold from Mallard joined the band on keyboards and vocals.

In September of 1964 Harold Powell from Fort Dodge replaced Naughton on bass. The band cut back to a quartet in late May of 1965 when Landolt enlisted in the Air Force. The original version of the band broke up that September when Wind and Arnold left for college.

Other members who contributed to the band were Marlys Kinne of Ottosen (vocals), Maury Hagen of Fort Dodge (vocals), Tom Arnold of Mallard (guitar/vocals), Dave Arnold of Mallard (keyboards), Bruce Reis of Gilmore City (bass/vocals), Mike Goodell of Humboldt (drums), Dave Lady of Havelock (guitar/vocals) and Tom Hanisch of Plover (bass/vocals).

The original band reunited after 37 years in 2002 and is once again playing their trademark ‘50s and ‘60s cover song repertoire in clubs throughout the Midwest with the help of Scott Dahl from Dakota City on drums/vocals and Kirk Hundertmark of Livermore providing sound, lights, transportation, production and publicity.

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