The Koats of Male

2007 - Band

Members: Dave Chapman, Terry Ellis, Bob Metcalf, Greg Anliker

Hometown: Spencer, IA

Bio: The Koats of Male band was formed in 1965 at the height of the garage band era when Bob Metcalf and Greg Anliker from the Tam Shanders joined with Dave Chapman and Terry Ellis from Somethin Else. The four Spencer, Iowa area teens quickly came together as a tight sounding group, and began performing at many popular venues including The Roof Garden, Bancroft and Ridotto ballrooms as well as teen dances, high schools and clubs in Iowa and Minnesota.


Influenced by groups like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Yard birds and Jimi Hendrix & the Experience, the group’s repertoire consisted of the popular cover tunes and original songs. They recorded "Life’s Matters" and "Swine Barn #3" – named after the place they rehearsed at the Clay County Fairgrounds – at IGL Studios in 1967 (IGL Rock Story Volume 2, 1994). It’s not clear how many copies of the 45 rpm were sold, but finding a copy today is extremely difficult.

The Koats of Male developed a loyal following because of their musicianship, vocal strength, style and showmanship. Their stage presence sometimes bordered on the outrageous and more than once they destroyed a guitar during the finale of a show.

Bob Metcalf played lead guitar. Following the Koats of Male, he played in several back-up bands at the Roof Garden Ballroom, including Derek, Dennis Yost & the Classics IV and the Turtles. His dedication to the music remains a passion to this day. He is retired and spends his time playing and recording in his home studio in Spencer. Bob is also being inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Somethin’ Blue.

Greg Anliker was the KOM bassist and, like the others, continued to perform after the band broke up. He and Metcalf teamed up to play for parties and special events until the late 90s when a career opportunity took him out of the area to Des Moines.

For Terry Ellis, music was second nature. His father Harry was the founder of the Harry Ellis Orchestra, a popular big band of the 40s and 50s. In addition to playing drums, Terry was also proficient on harpsichord, 12-string guitar and trombone. Tragically, Terry’s music career was cut short with his death in 1975.

Dave Chapman originally played rhythm guitar with the Koats of Male, however he went on to play electric bass with other notable bands such as The Gas Company, Spectrum 70 and The Lake Patrol. Today he plays in two Minneapolis-based bands, Itsoiz (blues) and Rough Stock (contemporary country).

The Koats of Male disbanded in 1968 as college demands and relocation prevented its continuation. The Koats of Male are proud to be inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame and dedicate the honor in memory of their friend and band mate Terry Ellis.

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