The Mad Hatter

2001 - Disc Jockey

1977 brought 24 hour-personality rock and roll to Iowa listeners on FM radio to North Central Iowa.

Darryl Hensley's "Mad Hatter Morning Show" used a rock/talk format that featured news, weather, sports, telephone calls to people like Idi Amin, Mohrmar Kadauffi, the Russian Kremlin with Hatters voice characters (Trum, Buford Hayseed, Myrdle Morningside).

Hensley put showmanship into FM Radio and was featured as one of the outstanding radio stations by "Rab's Magazine" in 1979.

He even bought and gave away FM converters in order to reach more people on the FM waves.

Hatter is credited with starting the Buddy Holly Memorial Concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Ia in 1979. He has built an international event bringing in people from all over the world. As a bonus, the concert has brought in millions of dollars to the communities in that area. It also helped bring the '50s and 60s rock and roll back into the mainstream of radio. The event has been covered by NBC, ABC, CBS, Entertainment tonight, PM magazine, PBS Special, the BBC, Associated Press UPI and over 400 radio stations throughout the United States. The Hatter built three rock and roll FM stations: Clear Lake/Mason City, Burlington and one in Minnesota.

To this day Darryl Hensley continues to love good old rock and roll and has helped the IRRMA by being Master of Ceremonies at several events in 2001.

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