The Magnificent Board of Directors

2001 - Band

Members: Joe Pithan, Merle Pithan, Mark Martin, Randy Martin, Danny Cain, Mike Donovan, Bob "Barney" Martin, Joel Orthman, Dennis Brunssen, and Dan Harrison


The Board of Directors originated in 1966 in Sioux City Ia. as a 5 piece band called The Boys. Within a couple of years a horn section was added and The Board of Directors was born.

Their popularity took them into seven states, playing all the major ballrooms and colleges. In 1970, The BOD was recognized by the Entertainment Operators of America with an outstanding service citation for their neat appearance, wholesome entertainment and top quality danceable music.

It was also at this time that they caught the attention of John Brown of Mid Continent Co. of Lawrence, kansas. The band was brought into the fold of the Young Raiders. Being asked to play as one of Mid Continents top five bands was an honor reserved for only the best. In 1972 after a run of bad luck on the road, including 2 bus wrecks and a hotel fire in Canada, The BOD disbanded. Their reputation lived on.

Inductee Members include: Merle Pithan, Joe Pithan, Mark Martin, Randy Martin, Dennis Brunssen, Danny Cain, Mike Donovan, Joel Orthmann, Dan Harrison and Bob "Barney" Martin (deceased).

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