The Quarrymen

2001 - Band

Members: Bob Meloy, Steve Vanderah, Tom Gloden, and Ron Meloy


Driving around the streets of Dubuque into the wee hours of the night/morning singing Beatles songs was the favorite pastime of the Quarrymen. High School Buddies Steve Vanderah, Bob Meloy and Tom Gloden just could not seem to get enough of the "fabulous four". They spent hours picking out harmonies on every song; the harder and higher the better.

Once they had convinced themselves their harmonies were tight, they decided it was time to form a band with Bob Meloy's brother, Ron joining them. They called themselves the Quarrymen (original name of the Beatles).

In 1966, The Quarrymen released a record under the Sara label, it was voted the number one single in the Dubuque area soon after its release. From 1964 to 1968 the band played in the tri-state area of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin including gigs at Danceland in Cedar Rapids and others in Madison Wisconsin.

Highlights for the band members were: opening for The Shawdows of Night: winning a "Battle of the Bands" with the popular Madison group called Lord Beverly and the Moss Men: ramp dances; Clarke College mixers and the extremely popular Friday night dances at the KC hall in Dubuque. Drummer Steve Vanderah says, "This was a fantastic experience for us at a time when our biggest concerns were what new songs we should learn and where else can we play, it was a great ride!

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