The Scavangers

2006 - Band

Members: Grant Gilmore, Jim Johann, Jim Streufert, Lonnie Brown, Paul Sleezer, Jack Yates

The Scavengers were based out of Sutherland from 1961-1967. The original members of the group included: Jim Johann on lead guitar, Jim Streufert on rhythm guitar, Grant Gilmore on bass and drummer Lonnie Brown…all of Sutherland.

The Scavengers traveled extensively, playing such popular venues as the Roof Garden in Arnolds Park, the Cobblestone Ballroom in Storm Lake and many other ballrooms, high schools and colleges in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska.

Paul Sleezer from Cherokee later replaced Brown on drums during the more influential part of the band’s career. The group developed a powerful following because of their musicianship, style and vocal strength. While their music was not totally centered around the famous “Byrds”, they did attribute a lot of their tremendous success to the fact they did a remarkable job of covering that via the 12-string and their vocal strength. Jim Johann mastered the 12-string parts, which were so much a part of the Byrds music while the entire group captured the vocal strength like that famous group as well.

In 1966 the band relocated to Colorado, changing the name to the Pillars and added Jack Yates from Fort Dodge on drums. They played clubs in the Denver and Colorado Springs area for about a year. With the draft and other changes in the lives of the band members, the Scavengers finally disbanded in 1967.

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