Members: Tom Nugent, Larry Dean, Alden Snyde, Joe Novotny, and Mike Kos


The Trippers were an Iowa City-based band that formed in 1964 and were active for more than four and a half years. Between the years of 1964 and 1968, The Trippers played an estimated 250 to 300 gigs. Band members include guitarist Tom Nugent, bassist Larry Dean, drummer Alden Snyder, and keyboardist Mike Kos.

Being a second-generation rock band, The Trippers

paved the way for many new mid-60s startup bands that played a broad range of venues in Eastern Iowa. For years they were monthly regulars at Mom Uffelman’s Spider Web and CYDC dances in Iowa City. They played in Eastern Iowa for many University of Iowa Memorial Union gigs, fraternity parties, high school proms and many functions at recreational centers and youth clubs. The Trippers played twice on top of the Dubuque parking ramp, opening for The Association in August of 1966.


In the '70s the group scattered across the country to Northern California, Portland, Chicago and Washington,  D.C. Nugent returned to Iowa City in 1990 and has been very active in the local music scene with Rock Lobster, “Nick and Tom” and reunion gigs. Dean, who took his first guitar lessons from Dale Thomas, got into Bluegrass in the 1980s and for the past 15 years has played with the Grateful Dads in Cupertino, California. Snyder has continued his musical tradition with several groups in Naperville, Illinois.


For the past eight years, Nugent, Snyder, and Dean have come together at least once a year in Southern California to replay some of those great rock tunes of the day. Sadly, Mike Kos died in August of 2014.


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