The Velaires

1997 - Band

Dan Matousek, Don Bourret, Jerry DeMers, and Bob Dawdy

The Velaires started their careers in Sioux City as The Screamers. Quickly their name became The Flairs, but with numerous groups on the scene with that same name they became The Velaires after playing in the legendary Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines.

The group consisted of Dan Matousek on rhythm guitar, Bob Dawdy on lead guitar, Jerry DeMers on bass and Don Bourret on drums. The fifth Velaire was their full time manager and booking agent, Dan's older brother,Dick Matousek.

In 1961 they signed with Jamie Records and released what history has shown to be the finest cover of Chuck Berry's classic, "Rollover Beethoven" ever put into wax.

The record leaped onto Billboard's charts and was a national hit reaching #1 in Los Angeles. They would follow this with eight more releases on such labels as Jamie, Mercury, Palms, Ramco and Brent.

While "Roll Over Beethoven" was on the charts, The Velaires had the opportunity to appear on American Bandstand, thus being the only Iowa based group to have ever done so.

The original members would stay together until 1963 when Dan Matousek would reform the group and continue on until 1970 under the name of Danny & The Velaires.


1997 brought this talented group some of the recognition as Bear Family Records of Germany released on CD their Greatest Hits/Anthology".

Footnote: Sadly, Dan Matousek passed away in May of 1998 just a few days prior of a scheduled performance of the group at the DanceMor Ballroom in Swisher, Iowa. He had worked in the Music Field much of his life, He will be missed by all.

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