The Buzzards

2011 - Band

Band Members: Nick Stika, Steve Gingerich, Marv Hain Jr.

The Buzzards was a rock and roll band from Iowa City . They formed in 1979 and became one of Eastern Iowa's first bands to spearhead the then embryonic Punk/New Wave scene. They performed at a variety of venues throughout the Midwest until late 1983.

The Buzzards wrote and recorded dozens of original songs, and 1982 saw the release of 'Three On One' – a seven inch vinyl EP featuring three tracks, including She's The One, I'm Innocent, and Missing Person. Their recording, She's The One was featured on radio stations KRNA and KFMH in eastern Iowa. The Buzzards also featured a set list full of carefully chosen cover songs, from classics to modern hits to feature the band’s strengths, musicianship and tight vocal harmonies. Between their original compositions and cover song list, The Buzzards were able to perform for virtually any function.

At the time The Buzzards formed, MTV was being launched and the era of the music video was born. Not to be left in the dust, the band produced several videos to coincide with the tracks on their EP. The band was one of the first, if not THE first Iowa band to produce videos, not simply placing a camera in front of the band while they performed, but story-boarded, screen-played, studio-produced videos. Music videos were a new art form and a useful tool to help promote the band and its record. These videos received critical acclaim and received the coveted "Pepper Award" in the category of most creative at a regional video awards program.

Because of The Buzzards’ relentless performing schedule and persistent songwriting, The Crows Nest, an Iowa City club regularly asked the band to open for its national and regional acts. One such appearance was opening for The Members, who had a top 40 hit with (I'm In Love With A) Working Girl, the song featured a video that was in heavy rotation on MTV at the time.

Whether having played bars and clubs, county fairs or concerts, The Buzzards' high energy and harmony enriched rock and roll music. They helped define an era in eastern Iowa 's music history. With their seven inch vinyl recording, early music videos, promotion methods and fashion sense, The Buzzards helped pave the way for future area bands with a “do it yourself - us against them” approach that truly captured the essence of the early 80s music scene.

The Buzzards' members included three Iowa City musicians: Steve Gingerich, bass guitar/lead vocals, Nick Stika, lead guitar and lead vocals, Marv Hain Jr., drums and lead vocals. The band disbanded toward the end of 1983.

Steve Gingerich returned to road work in 1986, eventually settling in Minneapolis. He joined Star Wolf with former original Steppenwolf bass guitarist Nick St. Nicholas. Steve became the singer/frontman for that group. Today Steve is an established interior artist providing decorative painting and plaster skills for homes, schools and businesses in the Twin Cities. Marv Hain Jr. continued playing with many groups from the Iowa City playing locally and on the road. Today he performs acoustic music as a singer/songwriter. Marv also works as a counselor for military veterans in Cedar Rapids where he goes by his real name. Nick Stika continues his 30-plus year career as a full time musician. He is a solo artist and a member of the Iowa City band Dogs On Skis. He has produced a CD of original music titled Big Ol' Moon and is the author of a rock 'n' roll mystery novel titled Bag of Knives, published by the Xlibris Corporation.

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