The Doctors

2013 - Band

Band Members:  Greg Hedin, Dave Bremer, Brad Tuttle, John Cazan

The story of the Doctors dance band began years before the group actually formed. In the late 1970’s three northwest Iowa musicians who had jammed together in various configurations became fast friends. Drummer Greg Hedin (Paullina), bassist Dave Bremer (Ocheydan) and Brad Tuttle (Spencer) were influenced by many musical styles as they each played in several bands with many different musicians. In 1982, Brad convinced them and guitar player John Cazan to join him in a brand new dance band.

The four members quickly pulled together a full roster of music and rehearsed for two weeks at the Sioux Valley Log Cabin at the behest of owner Don Hansen. The Doctors first gig was at Sarg’s in Spencer in September 1982. Brad remembers, “After starting a brand new band we weren’t sure how long it would take to develop a following. On our second week, as our band drove over a hill and arrived at the Sioux Valley Log Cabin— we couldn’t believe our eyes. The place was packed with hundreds of people! We were thrilled and danced them real hard.”

The group got busy playing many of the southern Minnesota ballrooms, mostly along Interstate 90 from Fairmont to Sioux Falls. The Doctors became the house band in Arnolds Park at the former Mocambo Club, newly renamed The Clinic in the summer of 1983. Soon after, the Doctors signed with Twin Cities talent agency, Excelsior Talent. Now the full-time band was playing six-week stints of one-nighters and extended weekends stops in NW Iowa and southern Minnesota, rotating with six to eight week stints in clubs across the central US.

After summer in 1983, their favorite home at the Iowa Great Lakes was the Haye Loft in Milford. The Doctors were the #1 act there and held the attendance record with door receipts of around 450 people. When the Doctors played at the Sioux Valley Log Cabin just across the Minnesota border, many Okoboji fans drove north to see them. The Doctors played the Roof Garden on two occasions (1985 and 1987), and their largest audience was over 2000 people at a street dance in Adrian, Minnesota.

The Doctors had visual appeal and a highly energized dance beat, playing the rock classics of the day. ZZ Top, Van Halen, Loverboy, Def Leppard, and Judas Priest exemplified their style. Brad, John and Greg sang most of the lead vocals and the band sang four-part harmonies easily. Brad was the multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, keyboards and tenor sax. When music promoter Jimmy Thomas heard the band at the Ritz Ballroom in Lismore, he said, “You’ve got the best dance beat I’ve heard in years!” and booked them for multiple dates into The Showboat Ballroom in Lake Benton MN.

Brad left the group in January 1985, and Greg left the group that summer and relocated to Phoenix. In January 1986, the Doctors – John, Dave, and Greg – reformed the group in Phoenix as a trio. They had several years of great success with their stripped-down rhythm, playing the best clubs and venues. By the summer of 1989, the trio built upon its charter as a classic rock band and changed their name to The Heat. With backing from radio station KSLX, The Heat opened major shows in the Phoenix area for Foghat, BTO, Marshall Tucker, Night Ranger, Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers and The Tubes. The three continued to gig together, exciting local audiences until the fall of 1993. All told, the Doctors had a helluva ride, and they’re ready to do it one more time!

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