The Patch of Blue

1999 - Band

Members: Tommy Bolin, George Larvick, Steven Bridenbaugh, Morey "Brad" Miller, Dave Stokes, and Brad Larvick

Tommy's rock and roll career started in 1964 when he joined the local garage band, The Triumphs. At the time Tommy was only 14 years old but already has established his reputation as a THE guitar player you wanted in your band. In 1965, he joined Sioux City's The Patch Of Blue, a group well on their way to establishing a solid reputation in Western Iowa.


The Patch Of Blue included members Brad Larvick, George Larvick, Morey"Brad" Miller, Dave Stokes, Steven Bridenbaugh, and Tommy Bolin.


The Patch Of Blue was energizing young stars on Sioux City's music scene. Collectively with this group of superb musicians, they rose to the top of the music scene.


In 1968, Bolin went on to play for a short time with Vermilion, South Dakota's The Cheateux. Later that year he would relocate to Colorado to find rock and roll fame.


In Colorado, he joined the highly successful Zephyr. Still later, Bolin would go on to front The James Gang (1973) and even then take over the lead guitar position in Deep Purple (1975). How's that for rock and roll guitar credentials?


Unfortunately, Tommy left us too early in life, when he passed away in 1976. What he did leave behind are fabulous recordings, a rich rock and roll legacy, and lasting memories of when rock and roll were young and impressionable in Iowa.


Today the Tommy Bolin Appreciation Society operates on a worldwide basis keeping the memory of Tommy alive to thousands of his appreciative fans.


As for The Patch of Blue, these well-respected musicians find a special place in Iowa rock music history. Not only as the band that launched the career of Bolin, but also as one of the most excellent groups to come from the Sioux City music scene of the ‘60s.


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