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Members: Boyd Bristow, Ben Sorenson, Carl Nord, Rick Gregson, Derry Twigg, Daryl Hillburg, Michael Hansen, David Kohlhaas, Mark Lickteig, John Clark, Bob Russell, Dale "Fred" Frase

The Shymen started as a folk band in the Northwest Iowa town of Burt in 1963, formed by schoolmates Ron

Presthus, Phil McFarland, Boyd Bristow, and David Kohlhaas. Mark Lickteig soon joined the band as the lead singer and keyboard player. The group grew and changed much over the following six years.

The Shymen picked up electric instruments when the Beatles made their debut in the United States. The group initially gravitated toward the blues side of pop music but also favored the sounds of the Rolling Stones, The Animals, and Chuck Berry. They also kept to their folk roots going by covering the songs of The Byrds and Bob Dylan. By the end of their run, they were mining tunes from the artists such as Wilson Pickett, Deon Jackson, and Otis Redding.   


Like most Iowa bands in the mid-’60s, the Shymen gained notoriety by making the ballroom circuit throughout the Midwest. In 1969, the group recorded Lonely Times at IGL Recording Studios, in Milford, Iowa. The song reached number one in Estherville, Iowa and included the vocal harmony of John Senn.


The Shymen would like to recognize members who are no longer living. John Clark was the group’s frontman for many years; Dale “Fred” Fraser was the group’s bass player from their early days until their last gig. Founding members Ron Presthus and Phil McFarland are also being honored posthumously.

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