Tom & Margo Weih

2013 - Spirit Award

For the last several years, Tom and Margo Weih have been proud IRRMA sponsors for some events in the local areas. Tom and Margo live and work in Tipton, Iowa, and through their love of music and dance, Tom and Margo have made many new friends while attending various IRRMA events around the area.

Music has always played a significant role in their lives. Tom and Margo were both members of their middle school and high school bands and they continue to sing in their church choir. Every December 23rd, they sing Christmas carols at nursing homes and homes of those in need of a little holiday cheer. For many years they have supported the Tipton High School Fine Arts by either donating their time or their money. Margo was the band representative for 3 years, and she also served as the President and Vice President. Both Tom and Margo have chaperoned three trips to the East coast with Tipton high school students involved in fine arts, and they are planning to help out on their next trip, too.

In January of 2006, Tom and Margo began taking dance lessons from Anita and Charley Douglas, of Marion, Iowa. Their lessons were focused on preparing for their son’s wedding, and they thought it was going to be a temporary activity. However, dancing has now become an activity they do weekly and most weekends. They have learned many different types of dances including the waltz, fox trot, rumba, salsa, cha cha, tango, and their favorite (and the style they use the most), swing.

Many of their weekends are now spent traveling around the area going to listen and dance to their favorite bands as well as discover some new ones. While at these shows, they enjoy dancing with each other and showing their friends and those around them some new moves. If they are not “cutting the rug” with a new dance move, they are out on the dance floor starting up the electric slide or just encouraging people to join them on the dance floor.

Along with their music and dancing activities, Tom and Margo enjoy spending their free time traveling, watching NASCAR racing, attending sporting events, dancing, and spending time with their children and 2 grandchildren. They have worked at Tipton Electric Motors for a combined 49 years. Tipton Electric Motors is an electric motor repair shop Margo’s parents, Elmer and Marcia Peters started in 1957. The Weih’s bought the business from her parents in 2007.

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