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2013 - Recording Studio

Triad Productions opened for business in 1974, born of the desire of original owners Dick Trump, Tom Tucker, and Joe Borg to create a “state of the art” recording facility in Central Iowa.  Together with Office Manager, Connie Seddon, they did just that.

Tom began gaining the skills that would eventually bring industry giants like CBS Records, Arista, and Alpha Records to Iowa.  Connie focused on building a national quality stable of voice talent professionals that brought work from all over the country.  Over the years, Triad creations have won many National and International awards including being part of Emmy award winning productions.

In year 2 they were able to add a second studio and hired Tucker band mate, Rick Condon, as engineer.

Tom collaborated with his wife Susan Oatts Tucker and Minneapolis producer Bob Jenkins on many corporate video soundtracks and jingles, bringing in Minneapolis studio musicians, adding local players and singers and giving Triad ever growing national exposure.  Dick was elected as president of SPARS (a national society of studio owners) following in the footsteps of the owners of the Record Plant in LA and Universal Studios in Chicago.

Bill Synhorst, a local computer “whiz kid” became part owner in 1978, making Triad a hot commodity for “Show Control” at amusement parks.  Universal Studios, Disney, and many Las Vegas Casinos relied on Triad Electronics and quality installations to run their attractions.  It was common in trade publications to see Triad Productions linked to superstars like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Tom left Triad around 1985 to pursue a career in Minneapolis.  He ran Prince’s Paisley Park Studios and engineered on a number of Gold and Platinum selling recordings. Always ready to share his knowledge he played a key role in the creation of IPR, an Audio Production school.

Rick moved into Studio A.  Tony Schmitt took over in Studio B and further developed the remote recording part of the business, lending his talents to DM Symphony projects and many other “on location” types of audio work like the Variety Club Telethon.

Rick began writing and producing jingles and video soundtracks, relying on the great local talent available.  Award winning pieces were created for companies like Maytag, GMAC, Metro Transit, Valley West Mall and Merle Hay Mall, The Principal Group; and many banks, car dealers, churches and more. The City of Des Moines, the Lottery, and the USDA all came calling…and we mustn’t forget Adventureland that still uses music created by Triad 28 years ago. Credit must be given to the wonderful string and orchestral arrangements of Duane Funderburk and the piano and vocals of Carey Crowson.  Vocalists Tina Haase Findley,and Karen Vogetlin were also key players.

After hundreds of albums, Cds, and other sessions, Studio A closed its doors in 2001. Rick started his own business and is still booked solid with recording projects.

Dick, the sole survivor of the original owners, keeps Triad busy working around the country on Audio Design and Installation projects.

Tony can be found in Studio B and has one of the best microphone collections you’ll find anywhere.  His technical skills make him a real asset as Triad shifts its focus to Audio Design.

Tom, Dick, Joe and Bill, set out to create a great facility.  What Triad Productions became, though, was a “home” where musicians, producers, voice talent and engineers could live out their dreams…a place where creativity, collaboration, and talent came together and flourished.

Other Key Triad personnel over the years – Paul Hohlfeld, John Bowman, Eileen Jutting, Roger and Tammy Hunt, Ed Post, Greg Tracy, Michael Landon, Al Johnson, Jeff Niedermayer, Bob Harbert, Chris Stout, John Hurst and Steve Schmitt.

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