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Twist & Shout’ Entertainment News of Fort Dodge was first published in June of 1992 by founders Dave Haldin and Anne Kersten. With the purpose of bringing ‘entertainment news’ to people of Northwest Iowa, ‘Twist & Shout’ has continued to do that for 11 years.

In May of 1996 ‘Twist & Shout’ was sold to Ogden Newspapers of Wheeling, West Virginia. At that time Haldin left to pursue other interests, leaving Kersten as Editor. IN the fall of 2002 Haldin returned to the Fort Dodge area and once again joined up with the entertainment paper’s staff in a consulting and sales capacity. Kersten has been the editor of the approximately 130 issues of ‘Twist & Shout.’

While some of the features and cover stories have evolved over the years, the basic premise of the paper remains the same as it was in the beginning, to give entertainment information. There have been stories on musicals and unique interviews. There have been features on everything from Frontier Days and Fall Fest (two Fort Dodge celebrations) to regular columns such as movie and book reviews.

One of the readers’ favorite columns has become “A Look Back” which has been written by Tom Tourville of LaCrosse, Wisconsin for seven years. The author of 14 discographies on music, Tourville is considered one of the foremost music historians regarding the last half of the Twentieth Century.

“A Look Back” features stories and photos about the people who have made music a part of our Midwest lifestyle. Tourville helps us remember back to our teen dances, romantic occasions and opportunities to meet famous musicians (perhaps getting that precious autograph or photo).

Haldin wrote a story about West Minst’r (Hall of Fame 2002) in the first issue of ‘Twist & Shout.’ According to Tourville, “Someone gave Dave one of my books. Later he got my phone number and called me about some of the bands and if I would like to write a column about them. That was 7 years and 84 issues ago.”

Tourville says he enjoys doing the research on the bands and is thrilled with the opportunity to meet the musicians. “The biggest thrill is when band members and their kids contact me. Some of those band members had thought the band had been forgotten and the kids say things like ‘I didn’t know my dad did that’, he said with a chuckle. “I am all for recognizing these groups. Their contributions are an important part of our history.”

His efforts to highlight and recognize the many, many artists who have entertained us for years are an integral part of this induction.

Some of the readers’ favorite cover stories included ones done on Buddy Holly and/or his tribute and an in-depth exclusive interview with Iowa’s own Robert Waller, soon after he wrote “Bridges of Madison County.” Haldin and Kersten made the trip together to his home in Cedar Falls for that interview.

Perhaps the most popular issue of all was the January 2000 issue featuring the 100 most influential people from the Fort Dodge area dating back to the founding of the city in 1850.

‘Twist & Shout’ continues to bring entertainment news and feature “A Look Back” as a service to thousands of people. The Hall of Fame applauds the efforts of Haldin, Kersten and Tourville to keep music in the minds, hearts and memories of the public.

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